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External, jacket heated vessel equipped with stirrer. 


The liquid is supplied to the vessel in batches, is caused to boil while being continuously stirred and is evaporated to the required final concentration. 
If the evaporated liquid is continuously replaced by thin product, and if the liquid content is in this way kept constant, the plant can be also operated in semi-batch mode. 

Particular features 

• Low evaporation rate - due to small heat exchange surface. For this reason, large temperature differences between the heating jacket and the boiling chamber are required. The product properties permitting, the heating surface can be enlarged by means of additional immersion heating coils.

Fields of application

• For highly viscous, pasty or pulpy products, whose properties are not negatively influenced by a residence time of several hours, or if particular product properties are required by long residence times. 
• It can also be used as a high concentrator downstream from a continuously operating pre-evaporator.


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