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Spiral tube preheaters


As the milk to be evaporated has a temperature of 5-10ºC it has to be heated to the boiling temperature of the first effect in order to save steam for the evaporation. The milk is therefore first passed through a vapor cooler/preheater, placed between the last effect's separator and the condenser, thereby saving cooling water as well. From the vapor cooler the milk is passed through the preheating section of the last effect and then backwards to the first effect, before it enters the boiling section of the first effect.

The preheating system can technically be carried out in two different ways:

  • Spiral-tube preheaters

  • Straight-tube preheaters

Spiral-Tube Preheaters

The spiral tubes are placed inside the heating rooms in the calandria surrounding the falling-film tubes, thus being heated by vapor,  The system is simple, but does not offer the possibility of inspection for deposits or leakage.


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