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Vertical shell-and-tube heat exchanger equipped with concentrically arranged condenser tubes within the heating tubes and integrated separator in the lower part of the unit.


The liquid is evenly distributed over the heating tubes by means of a distribution system and flows as a thin film down the inside walls. The external heating of the tubes causes the liquid film to boil. The vapors formed are condensed as distillate on the external walls of the condensate tubes and flow downwards. Distillate and bottom product are separately kept and discharged from the lower part of the evaporator.

Particular features

  • .Particularly gentle product treatment – due to very low pressure/temperature processing, short product residence times and single pass operation. Distillation possible at vacuum pressures ranging from 1 mbar to below 0.001 mbar.Due to the integrated condenser tubes, there is no vapor flow pressure loss.
  • Optimized design – no mechanical wear and tear, as the system has no rotating internal parts.
  • Low investment cost
  • Also suitable for high evaporation rates.

Fields of application

Particularly temperature sensitive, non-aqueous solutions.


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