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Rising Film Evaporator 

The Rising Film Evaporator is designed by using a vertical tube with steam condensing on its outside surface. Liquid on the inside of the tube is brought to a boil, the vapor generated forming a core in the centre of the tube. As the fluid moves up the tube, more vapor is formed resulting in a higher central core velocity that forces the remaining liquid to the tube wall. Higher vapor velocities in turn result in thinner and more rapidly moving liquid film. This provides higher THC's and shorter product residence time.

Preferably used for the evaporation of highly viscous products and products that have a tendency to foul the heating surface. Can also operate as high concentrators with single-pass operation.

Plant Selection Criteria:

Evaporation Plant - Type of Construction, Arrangement, Operating Mode - Criteria for Selection

While designing the Evaporation Plant, numerous and contradictory requirements have to be taken into consideration. These determine the type of construction chosen and the final arrangement, the resulting process and the economic data. The most important criteria to be considered are:

Capacity and operational data including quantities, concentrations, temperatures, annual operating hours, change of product, controls, automation, etc.

Capital and other financial costs

Choice of material of construction and surface finishes

Product characteristics including heat sensitivity, viscosity and flow properties, tendency to foaming, fouling and precipitation, boiling behavior, etc.

Personnel costs for operation and maintenance

Site conditions such as available space, climate for outdoor sites, connections for energy and product, service platforms, etc.

Required operating media such as steam, cooling water, electric power, cleaning agents, spare parts, etc.

Standards and conditions for manufacture, transport, acceptance, etc.

Legal regulations covering safety, prevention of accidents, sound emissions, environmental protection, etc.

JAL Evaporation Plants are custom designed by highly qualified and experienced design engineers to suit the individual client's requirements, and they have thorough knowledge and skill of the evaporator technology and the problems that can occur. JALEvaporation Plants have been installed for various applications at more than 100 sites and are performing effectively as per the requirements and design. The above mentioned criteria along with others depending upon the specific project are taken into consideration during the requirement analysis and design stage. Reliability, ease of operation and maintenance are given specific importance for each Evaporation Plant Solution given to the client.

Additional Equipments

Evaporation Plants are designed as multiple effect systems with vapor recompression. The basic components of these systems are individual evaporation units with interconnecting piping, pumps and other associated equipment. Such additional equipment is necessary for the proper operation - if not provided the required operating conditions, capacity and consumption data cannot be achieved.

The most important data are pre-heating of the product to be evaporated, condensing of residual vapors and deaeration

Additional equipment such as heaters, holding vessels, degassers and flash coolers may be required if the properties of the product to be evaporated are to be influenced, stabilized or altered

Sometimes rectification columns for the separation of complex mixtures or aroma recovery or washing columns for the scrubbing of vapors may be required

Supplementary equipment such as cleaning systems, measurement, control and safety equipment, thermal and acoustic insulations are required for reliable, trouble-free operations. JAL designs, manufactures and supplies turnkey plants for various process solutions. Immense experience and expert knowledge of the performance of each individual component enables us to choose the right equipment for each task - this achieves the duty for the entire plant to be satisfied.


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