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JAL Engineering & Consultancy specialized in the process engineering of water industries, particularly in the field of industrial effluent. JAL plants/products combine American and Indian technologies and experience in this field where our engineers in the USA and India are continuously researching and developing new process for treatment and finding the quality equipment/products that is most reliable and cost effective that meets clients satisfaction and approval because the price you pay is the quality you afford to purchase. JAL is also associated with well known experienced international companies whose products and services are considered complementary to JAL field of activities in order to offer our clients a full comprehensive range of plants, products and services.


Who we are


  • Falling film evaporators
  • Circulation evaporators
  • Stirrer evaporators
  • Distillation System:
    Water soluble solvents and multiple solvent mixtures may need to be separated from the water and/or separated into their individual components prior to reuse.

    JAL Crystallizers are used to crystallize the salts and recover them from its mother liquor in various industries like chemical, Pharmaceutical

    Membrane filtration :
    In close cooperation with JAL Filtration, Hudson/USA and based on their technology and references, JAL offers plants to the beverage, food and chemical industries in Europe.

    Special services

    • Providing Complete ZERO Discharge

    • Undertaking System AMC for Existing or
      Supplied Plant

    • Undertaking O & M (Operation & maintenance)







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