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Fluidisied Bed Evaporators 

Design :

Vertical fluidized bed heat exchanger ( on the tube side solid particles such as glass or ceramic beads, or stainless steel wire particles are entrained in the liquid ) , flash/vessel separator and circulation pump.

Operation :

Same principle as for the forced circulation evaporator. 
The upward movement of the liquid entrains the solid participles, which provide a scouring./cleaning action. Together which the liquid they are transfer through the calendria tubes.
At the head of the calendria , the particles are separated from the liquid and are recycled to the calendria inlet chamber. 
The superheated liquid the flashed to boiling temperature in the downstream separator and is partially evaporated.

Particular features : 

Long operating periods = continuous cleaning of the heating surface by entrained beads and improved heat transfer. 

Fields of application :

  •  For products that have high fouling tendencies, where fouling cannot be sufficiently prevented or retarded in standard, forced circulation evaporators.
  •  For liquids of low to medium, viscosity.


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