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Distillation System

Water soluble solvents and multiple solvent mixtures may need to be separated from the water and/or separated into their individual components prior to reuse. JAL offers complete extractive and azeotropic multi-component distillation systems for the separation and purification of solvents mixtures. Depending on customer and process requirements, these systems can be designed for either continuous or batch operations.

JAL distillation systems are the preferred choice by customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and other specialty industries around the world for recovery, recycle, and reuse of solvents for applications ranging from solvent mixtures to solvent contaminated wastewater.

A range of distillation capabilities can be provided to include:

  • Extraction columns

  • Solvent/solvent separation

  • Solvent/water separation

  • Steam stripping systems/columns

  • Stripping/rectification columns

  • Vacuum columns

  • Adsorption systems

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Air and Steam Stripping

In applications where the decanted water phase contains solvent levels which cannot be sent direct to drain or existing water treatment facilities, JAL provides a steam or air stripping column for solvent removal.

In steam stripping systems, steam is admitted to the base of the column. As the contaminated feed water flows downward, solvents concentrate in the top of the column and are removed overhead to a condenser. The product then may be sent to storage or returned to the decanter.

In an air stripping operation or adsorption systems, air is passed through the column counter-current to the flow of liquid. Solvent transfers to the air stream, which then may be returned to the inlet of the carbon adsorption unit and purified water suitable for disposal is discharged.

The Solvent Recovery Division of JAL Systems has supplied process design and equipment for the recovery, recycling, purification and separation of solvents. We offer this expertise and knowledge to the owner-operators and technology providers of biodiesel plants.

JAL can design and supply systems for the following processes:

  • Methanol recovery in excess of 99%

  • Methanol scrubbing

  • Biodiesel purification to ASTM standards

  • Crude glycerin purification

  • Glycol purification

We design and supply:

  • Distillation columns

  • Evaporators

  •  Liquid extraction and wash columns

  • Scrubbers and adsorption towers

  • Adsorption (activated carbon) vessels

  • Liquid dryers

  • For a complete listing of the systems, components and services JAL offers for biodiesel applications,

  •  Biodiesel Recovery and Purification Systems.


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