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Counter Flow Trickle Evaporator

Design : Shell-and-tube heat exchanger, lower part of  calandria larger than that of e.g. the rising film evaporator, top-mounted separator equipped with integrated liquid distribution system. 

Operation : As in falling film evaporators, the liquid is supplied to the top of the evaporator and is distributed over the evaporator tubes, but the vapors flow to the top in counterflow to the liquid. 

Particular features : - Partial distillation = amount of volatile constituents contained in the product to be concentrated can be stripped. This process can be enhanced by the supply of an entraining stream, such as steam of inert gas, to the lower part of the calandria. 

Fields of application :
- This type of evaporator, designed for special cases , is used to enhance the mass transfer between liquid and vapor. If a gas stream is passed in counter flow to the liquid, chemical reaction can be trigged..

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