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Vertical shell-and-tube heat exchanger of short tube length, with lateral separator arranged at the top. Heating steamDeaerationCooling water Heating steam condensateProductVapor condensate
1 Calandria
2 Separator
3 Condenser

3-effect circulation evaporation plant for glycerin water.
Evaporation rate: 3,600 kg/hr

Particular features

 Quick start-up and large specific capacity – the liquid content of the evaporator is very low due to the relatively short length and small diameter of the heating tubes (1- 3 m).Fields of application For the evaporation of products insensitive to high temperatures, where large evaporation ratios are required. For products which have a high tendency to foul and forenoon-Newtonian products, where the apparent viscosity may be reduced by the high velocities. The circulation evaporator with divided boiling chamber and top-mounted separator can be used as a high concentrator.


The liquid is evenly distributed over the heating tubes by means of a distribution system and flows as a thin film down the inside walls. The external heating of the tubes causes the liquid film to boil. The vapors formed are condensed as distillation the external walls of the condensate tubes and flow.


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